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Year 1 University Projects

This page shows a collection of work from various modules during my first year of architecture. The projects mainly show my progression in drawing skills as well as the development of ideas. The collection of projects vary from group projects to individual work. 


Nottingham Dancehall

The project was to design a Dancehall to inspire people within the local community to dance as well as repurposing the site to be effectively used by all people in the community.

Nottingham Dancehall_Page_45.png


Personal Space Project

This project involved designing a home for Claude Monet in Wolloton Par. The project consisted around the development of ideas resulting in a final design enabling for Monet to for-take in all his activities during the day. 


IDA - Scotland

This project consisted of documenting key architectural buildings in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The project consist of a case study evaluating St Brides Church, a path from Grass Market to Edinburgh and various other buildings. 

IMG_5733 2.HEIC


Creak Vean

This project consisted of evaluating and making a model of Creek Vean designed by Team 4 architects. The project consisted of the floor plans, sections and a scale model. 


Genius Loci

Genius Loci consist of creating a image of a place on Nottingham Campus which has some personal significance. This group project consisted of making 7 individual panel's which combine to give a overall composition created through different styles. 



Broadway Cinema

This group project aimed at representing the Broadway Cinema as a key architectural building within Nottingham. This project demonstrates my presentation skills when having to represent a form of data showing the geographical aspect of the Cinema. 


Room Survey

This project was my initial interaction with making floor plans. The project consisted of creating the floor plan and two elevations of my room at uni. The project was key in developing my understanding of representing certain features within an architectural floor plan. 

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