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A Level Projects

The collection of work included within this section are all from my A Levels and show a variety of skills used throughout the two years studying Product Design. Here I display my coursework which took over a year to complete and shows a clear illustration of my design process from my concepts to final design. Also shown are smaller projects and extra curriculum projects which focus on developing key skills enabling me to successfully complete my coursework. 




My A Level coursework was aimed at designing a home which successfully fulfilled the need wants and values of my client. The collection of work included demonstrates: my drawing, digital modelling and physical modelling skills.  


6th Form Block

This project shows one of my first interactions with using SketchUp. The project involved creating a model of the 6th form block at my school. The challenge was to create it without using any measurements and only using my naked eye to determine the proportions and size of components.

Sketch Profile.JPG


Castus Os Toothbrush

The brief consisted of designing a new and modern take on the classic toothbrush for household use. The project includes a wooden model showing the form of the design and technical drawings showing the function of features and how the whole system operates. 


Food Logo

The project was a competition to redesign the schools food logos. Within the brief the focus of the project was centred around sustainability whilst advertising the choice of food.  

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