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External Projects

This page shows a variety of external projects which demonstrate my development in multiple skills as well as my thought process. Additionally, the page gives a view into some of my interests and ideas which have been developed through a variety of different projects. 



Themed Project

This external projects aims at designing a public architectural space that reflects on how we define and form our personal identity. The project combined both my architectural skills and philosophical knowledge on forms of identity. 


Work Experience

This project demonstrates my initial skills on Auto CAD which was developed whilst on work experience at Tasou Associates. The architectural firm gave me a brief to design a home and successfully create a floor plan and section of the house which I had designed.  



Life Drawing

This is a collection of life drawing across multiple different sessions. Within this section is a collection of rapid sketches to more detailed sketches. 


Floor Plans for Posidon

This was a commissioned piece of work which involved creating a floor plan for a restaurant to gain a alcohol license. The floor plan consisted of showing fire equipment fixed structures and the storage of alcohol on site. 

Poseidon Floor Plan.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 2.gif



This is one of my projects exploring animation. Here I explored the movement of the human body whilst performing a skateboard trick. The animation was created via using Procreate and involved drawing each frame at a time and ensuring they all joined up to create a synchronised movement.   


My Street

This project explored my street and the features which stand out which makes my street individual and personal to me. The project combines both physical and digital drawings to make a single page which explains my perspective of my street.

Sites of London



Within this section is a collection of photography which sparked interest when either travelling or on my daily encounters with buildings. 


Digital Drawings

Here are a collection of digital drawings created by using Procreate. The subjects consist of either some of my favourite photos or moments which I have experienced.   

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